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Thank you for enrolling on my ‘No Coding’ Web Designer course. 
On this page you will find a range of resources that are helpful for the course.

If you think there is an extra resource that would be helpful, please do get in touch and I will add to this page!

Web Hosting Options

With apologies, I’m no longer able to offer the free monthly hosting for my students.  I hope this will return soon, as I’m adjusting some aspects of my business. 


In the meantime, please click the button below, (Get web hosting) to obtain your hosting with my most recommended host.  The videos in the course provide a walkthrough of their sign up process.

Own hosting

There are a few web hosts who I would recommend, but none more than Siteground.  

On this course, we will be signing up with Siteground, who has long been regarded as one of the best web hosts around, offering fantastic services and support*.  

So, let’s continue with our course by purchasing our web host package!
The walkthrough video is in your course section.


Media Files

Within the course, I used specific images and media files.  If you would like to create the exact website, you will find these media files useful.  

Simply download the file and upload them to your website’s media library.

Other resources

Please find, here, other course resources that have been requested or I have thought you may need.

Contact Form Code

In lecture 33 where I create the contact form, I offer an additional code which you can use to change the style of the input boxes.

Here is that code:

[text* your-name placeholder “Name”]

[email* your-email placeholder “Email”]

[tel* your-number placeholder “Phone Number”]

[radio Goal use_label_element default:1 “Get Healthy?” “Get Happy?” “Get Inspired?” “Get all of them?”]

[textarea your-message placeholder 40×3 “Further Questions/Comments?”]

[submit “Send”]

Please get in touch for any others you may need!