If your aim is to decrease workflow and increase revenue...it's time for custom design.

A ‘custom design’ is not just for an established business that wants to splash out.  Nor is it simply about aesthetics. 

Custom design is about establishing messaging and relationship through effective branding, guiding users on a journey towards a call to action and weaving strategy through the pretty pixels that make up your website pages.

If you would like a powerful website  and marketing strategy that moves your business forward, it’s time to invest in something more than a good looking template.

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Beautiful design and user experience

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Your site will scale with your business success

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A quick note from Chris

I consider custom projects to be a partnership that works towards bringing your vision to life.  It can be challenging, but is very rewarding.  

There are many aspects to creating a website, whether that’s managing hosting and domain, creating the website itself with developed branding and installing functionality, developing and adding the actual content or, even then, to using and marketing the website.  I know!  Lots to do!

But do not worry.  I have helped many daunted and tech-phobic customers become comfortable and capable with an awesome website.  

It’s your turn!  

How we'll work together

  • Describe

    We'll discuss your project against your described vision.  Every effort is made to keep costs to the lowest price, but we'll discuss budget, functions and design as well as who will update content or technically maintain the site. You will feel informed and comfortable in making a decision.

  • Decide

    Design is about functionality as well as the colours.  We'd have discussed both and I will draw up the discussed functionality, such as pages and their purpose, functions across the site and expectations of deliverables. We'll sign up to go ahead and, upon payment of a deposit and any project services...off we go!

  • Design

    I will make an initial design proposal, with a live site home page and a few other live aspects of the project, that you can explore.  We will discuss and review together, making various revisions that will guide the rest of the development

  • Develop

    With initial revisions taken care of, I will create the rest of your website in line with our revised design decisions. Once completed, we will review and revise the site as necessary before I train you on how to complete all necessary tasks on the site. Don't worry, you can always come back for more help!

  • Launch!!

    It's GO time! Your site is ready for the world and will go live on the internet!

How much will it cost?

Let's discuss your project scope and timeline, with an aim to find affordable solutions to your online journey.

Below are the starting prices for the design and build process.  Every effort is made to keep close to this starting prices.  Please note there are further costs, such as the pagebuilder license (£50), hosting and domain purchase. 

The best thing to do is have a chat!




Showcase your services with a beautiful bespoke website.  Whether you work in a trade, a salon or other services, your customers will love the experience of your website and be able to get in touch.




Sell your products from your very own ecommerce store, with multiple payment options and unlimited categories and products!

Your website will also be great for marketing with a fantastic blog feature and SEO capabilities.

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