Ecommerce / Online Shop Website Design

Project Brief

The latest version of this site is an update to the original e-commerce store that I put together for Andy, the owner of Gadgets Recycled.
As his business progressed, he was looking for a complex e-commerce store that offered buying options for a range of devices, selling options -with customers being able to get an instant quote for their devices, and also typical service offerings like repair.

The Outcome
Project Elements
Website, Branding, Strategy, Graphics

The offerings of Gadgets Recycled is complex and so the home page dives straight into helping the customer find what they’re looking for: Buy, Sell or Repair.  It does this using animated and clickable phone images with buttons beneath.  Immediate and functional call to action.

Scrolling down the home page is a visual treat, with various aspects of the business offering a strong call to action that leads to the relevant catalogue of products.

Logo & Branding 

Andy already had the logo and colour scheme, and so this was incorporated into the visuals, with a sharpening up using a crisp blue gradient.  This offset against a predominantly white background and calm greys, which bring focus to the images of products.


The site is very visual and uses crisp, high contrast coloured images that animate onto the page, against the sleek, white background.  They grab attention, as needed.


This is no ordinary e-commerce store, due to its various needs.  Offering both selling (with quotes) and buying functionality, WordPress and Woocommerce needed innovative organisation to provide a seamless and clean experience for all customers. 

As well as the catalogue and selling/buying experience, the website boasts helpful information pages and contact form, to provide customers with all they need before making a commitment.  

Reducing work load

Every website should reduce work load for the owner.  This website has a web of linked pages that direct customers to a wealth of information, such as phone grading, which reduces the need for phone or email enquiries.  


Review is on the way!