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Members benefit from a member’s only hourly rate for website services!

Normal rates at £59 per hour. Please Note: If rejoining membership, you need to be a member for a complete month for member rates to apply.




Hosting and domain management, fortnightly website back ups and updates and more!




Hosting and domain management, monthly website back ups and updates and more!




Guarantee great rates for your day to day updates or next website upgrade.

*Quick-Fix Loom Video Tutorials are a great way for you to quickly learn how to sign into your site and fix an issue yourself.  If I don’t think a video and DIY is a good idea, I’ll send you a personalised video of potential solutions or suggestions.  Up to 6 videos in one year.
** Ensure your issue is promptly seen and acknowledged, with possible quick fixes available as soon as can be arranged, depending on working hours.

Check out my NUMBER ONE recommendation for web hosting, for any of my customers. 

Their prices are great, their customer service is unbeatable and their web hosting is the best around.   Also, you can simply add me as a collaborator on your account so that I can more efficiently tend to and arising issues on your behalf!

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