Bridal and Wedding Services Website Design

Project Brief

An example project for my recent Skillshare course, this brochure website offers a sleek and elegant design to showcase three services, offered by the fictitious bridal and wedding services business, Bridal Beauty.

The bridal and wedding services website design needed to offer enticing images that helped the potential customer envision the end result of the transformation offered by this team. It also needed to offer a simple call to action to enable the business staff to complete the booking.

The end result is a beautiful, cohesive and elegant design with a clear Call to Action focus.

The Outcome
Project Elements
Website, Branding, Strategy, Graphics

Although a fictitious business, this website design provides wonderful example of just how powerful a brochure website can be for a local business.

The website viewer is immediately captivated by the vision of ‘what could be’ as a result of using this company’s services.  With a clear and consistent Call to Action, this site design and structure is sure to increase leads and sales.


The logo is a simple, but effective, design which keeps to the classic and proven concept of simplicity in design.  The logo works in a two-tone state, is easily recognisable and also features strong symbolism of a butterfly (the two B’s back to back) which speaks of the service’s effect.


The images were chosen to offer a consistent brand identity, with similar tone and style; this contributes to a smooth experience where images speak a thousand words and capture the user in the world of the beautiful bride.  You can view the course on Skillshare to see how this process occurred, but I think you’ll agree that the images only serve to consistently sell the services of the business.


For any local business looking to showcase their services, answer repeated customer enquiries and bring strong leads to the phone call, this website is an essential business asset.  

As the customer is assisted in finding out standard information about the services offered, including prices, locations etc, the customer who books a phone call or consultation has already been primed for the final sales process.

Reducing work load

Every website should reduce work load for the owner.  This website has a web of linked pages that direct customers to a wealth of information, which brings strong and viable leads to the phone call, and reduces time spent on basic enquiries that will not lead to sales.

Review is on the way!