Local artist and craft maker website design

Project Brief

Kirsty creates beautiful handmade custom furniture and decor for children’s bedrooms.
While a lot of her marketing works on Instagram, she found that taking orders in social media messaging apps was becoming intensive and time-consuming.

She was looking for a website where all common information could be displayed and, also, where she could sell her products and receive requests for customisations.

The Outcome
Project Elements
Website, Branding, Strategy, Graphics

HigglePiggle’s homepage captures attention with a beautiful image of a custom decorated bedroom, overlaid with text which animates on scroll.  This invites the user to begin a journey of exploration of Kirsty’s beautiful products.

Logo & Branding 

Kirsty already had a logo of a pig’s head silhouette, but felt it lacked the childish charm captured in an image created for her some time ago.  We reworked the logo to incorporate elements she felt were important, such as the shed and grass.  We also settled on some branding colours and rules, such as using slightly dusky pastel colours.


The site is very visual and contains a lot of information.  Kirsty worked hard to create a consistent product image by photographing her products from similar angles and distance.  We also worked to create image and swatch examples of customisation options, to assist in decision-making.


This project became very complicated due to the high level of customisations that were available for the products.  However, it was important to provide this functionality on the site to minimise the back and forth discussions that Kirsty was finding herself in with potential customers.  

The result is a broad product catalogue that provides customers with an entire range of customisation options and an immediate price for the work, which Kirsty receives in a single message.

Reducing work load

To further minimise enquiries, Kirsty’s website boasts a gorgeous FAQ section, packed with easy to find information that will help his potential customers with initial queries


Review is on the way!