Welcome to THE course!

So, you’d like to build a website for yourself or, possibly, as a toe-dip into the wonderful world of web design!

This course is the perfect first step.  Why?  Not because it’s free (but that is good); free does not always mean it’s good…it often means the opposite.

However, this course is great because it’s a start to finish project which teaches you the ‘how‘ of the website building fundamentals.  But you also get to learn ‘why‘.  Why is this image good and that one is not?  Why is this workflow a good idea?  Why should I put testimonials on a home page?

By the end of this course you will have a firm grasp of how to build a website for a business and a developing knowledge of what makes good decisions during that process. 

What will you need for the course?
The only thing you’ll need to purchase is web hosting and a domain.  Please feel free to choose who you go with, but if you are happy to take an honest recommendation, I’d recommend Siteground for web hosting any day of the week.  Please use my link to purchase your hosting -it costs you nothing extra, but helps me keep my free courses and tutorials going.  However, you can do the course with other hosting, if you decide Siteground is not for you.

I’m really excited to help you at the beginning of this journey and would love to know how you get on.  So, please, Like and Subscribe to my youTube channel and make sure you’re commenting and chatting with me.

Also, please join my mailing list for further tips, tricks, tools and offers! 

Thanks so much!  



Other resources

Please find, here, some course resources that have been requested or I have thought you may need.

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